Our Mission

To tackle the development of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, by generating surfaces that inhibit bacterial attachment and bacteria proliferation, without the need for antibiotic treatments.

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After a detailed financial analysis, we decided to deploy our technology within the prosthetic implants market firstly. Due to changes in lifestyle, the number of prosthetic implants is skyrocketing. Learn More »


Prosthetic implants are prone to bacterial adhesion and the development of infections. These infections are a considerable burden for the healthcare systems and society, both in economic and social costs.

    Antibiotics are widely used to treat these infections; the overuse of antibiotics leads to bacterial resistance. Learn More »

We are innovation

We are


Built on Passion & Creativity.


Our goal is to reduce the need for antibiotic and therefore, the development of antibiotic resistance.

We are actively working to reduce the number of infections associated with prosthetic implants surgeries, this way cutting both economic and associated social costs.

We developed our financials assessments with a realistic and conservative approach.